Top 10 Problems Faced By Pakistani Girls

Pakistan is not heaven for girls and women. Pakistan ranks 6th on the list of Thomson Reuters the world’s most dangerous countries for women due to a barrage of threats ranging from violence and rape to dismal healthcare and honour killings.

Problems Faced By Pakistani Girls

Pakistani girls face many problems daily. The list is very long but here are top 10 Problems Faced By Pakistani Girls.

1. Favouritism by Parents

The darkest reality of our society is that the gendered racism starts from our very own houses. Everyone wants a son, not a daughter. And to serve the purpose, parents take different medical treatments and give rise to peer-murshid culture and when they get a daughter, they take it as a symbol of shame, more as a punishment. Then they go for another child, and then another until they finally get a SON. At every stage, shes reminded that she was the unwanted child.

2. Dependency

From the very beginning, women are intentionally made dependent on men. If a Pakistani girl wants to go to the market, if she wants to buy anything, she has to be dependent on her brother or father or husband. She’s not allowed to go anywhere without a man. You have to adjust to life, your schedule, your liking/disliking according to the man of your life.

3. Master of all trades

Firstly, around half of the Pakistani girls are not allowed to attend schools. The other who gets the chance to do so, they’re pressurized to be the best in studies. At home, they’re meant to cook food, clean house, do laundry and dishes, make bed etc. It’s like men deliberately suppress women to show how inferior she is, and to survive, she has to be best at everything.

4. The boundaries

In the same house, same parents, same age group, different sex, different lifestyle, different treatment. That’s the story of each and every house of Pakistan. Sons are allowed to do whatever they wish for, either its a late night party, driving, hangouts etc. Whereas Pakistani girls have to face social boundaries. After a lot of adjuring and requests, a girl finally gets permission to visit her best friend or attend her wedding and that freedom only lasts a few hours.

5. Gazes that pierce the soul

We belong to a society that is male dominating and is known for accommodating ferocious atrocities against women. We bluntly refuse to accept violence and harassment against women. The eyes of men are always ready to shatter the leftover confidence of the few Pakistani girls who step out of their homes.

6. Workplace Harassment

Pakistani girls relate harassment to unwelcomed sexual advances only as it extends beyond that. Verbal abuse, discouraging remarks, and the huge workload is few blessings women get at workplaces in our predominant male society.

7. Criticism

Men are the absolute power in our society. They can judge and criticize women anytime at every stage. No matter how innocent, fragile and devoted she is, there’s always something missing in her, and that something dominates over her other qualities with a constant reminder.

8. Social Discrimination

No matter what, we have to suppress the females to show our power and dominance. A boy with multiple girlfriends is a dude. Being a Casanova is the symbol of pride. Whereas a girl having a boyfriend proves her being characterless, audacious, and brash.

9. Killing the ambitions

Another hard reality of our biased society, where women have to kill their dreams and ambitions for the man of their lives. In our society, a man gets whatever he wants. He pursues his aim and dreams whereas a woman can’t even fulfil her single dream. After a lot of hard work, sacrifices and devotion, shes finally able to get a professional degree. Though when she gets married, her degree values no more than a tissue paper. Around 50pc of female doctors never work after graduation.

10. The showpiece

The biggest problem that costs a lifetime effect is the marriage time. At first, she has to maintain a good image in society. As she managed to do so, then comes the line of numerous marriage proposals. Most of them are half of her education level with no job. Others have a long list of requirements that includes beauty, education of a doctorate and status of a millionaire. In return, they offer you the house, the car, the furniture they’ll get in dowry and your pay that you’ll hand over to them at the end of every month. To each proposal, the girl has to get ready for the display and worth no more than a showpiece.

Written by Samna Ashraf

Samna is a Youtube and blogger. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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