Pakistan To Produce AESA Radars Domestically

The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, (PAC), is a Pakistani aerospace, defence, aviation contractor, and military corporation producing aerial systems for both military and civilian usage, situated in Kamra, Attock District. Now Pakistan To Produce AESA Radars Domestically at PAC Kamra.

Pakistan To Produce AESA Radars Domestically

What is An AESA Radar?

AESA is an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA), also known as active phased array radar is a type of phased array radar whose transmitter and receiver functions are composed of numerous small solid-state transmit/receive modules (TRMs).

The normal radars in use today commonly, can be easily jammed. AESA, on the other hand, is a modern type of radar that can avoid jamming measures used by the enemy. In simpler terms, the AESA radars consist of several mini radars that make them harder to jam.

Because of this the AESA radars are difficult to jam with traditional digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) based jammers which focus on and jam a single frequency.

Why Pakistan To Produce AESA Radars Domestically

These new and modern state of the art AESA radars will be used in the upcoming JF-17 Block-III fighter aircraft.

Producing AESA radars locally is a good and potentially lucrative option. The cost of producing the radar locally is lesser.

The AESA radars have other applications as well, they can be used as synthetic aperture radars for ground mapping.

This would not only benefit the PAF, but can also help the Army and the Navy. If Pakistan can produce the AESA radars locally it would also provide employment opportunities for locals.

Due to the applicability of AESA radar technology for land and sea applications, this can also help Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy.

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