Pakistan Is The 20th Most Powerful Country On Earth

According to the latest edition of ‘Best Countries‘ of US News and World Report, Pakistan Is The 20th Most Powerful Country On Earth. US News released its latest edition of study where they evaluated 80 countries on a wide range of criteria including citizenship, quality of life and Power.

Pakistan Is The 20th Most Powerful Country On Earth

The Power criteria measured how economically and politically influential a country is in the world. This was a detailed study and more than 21,000 business leaders, general citizens and informed elites were surveyed to discover about nations and how these nations are perceived on a global scale.

According to organization, the most powerful countries may not necessarily be the most well-liked, but they are the nations that consistently dominate news headlines, preoccupy policymakers and shape economic forecasts.

The US undoubtedly topped the list followed closely by Russia and China. Other countries included Pakistan, Turkey, and Israel.

Here is the list of top 23 most powerful countries in the world:

23. Qatar

22. Spain

21. Netherlands

20. Pakistan

19. Sweden

18. Italy

17. Australia

16. India

15. Switzerland

14. Iran

13. Turkey

12. Canada

11. South Korea

10. United Arab Emirates

9. Saudi Arabia

8. Israel

7. Japan

6. France

5. Germany

4. United Kingdom

3. China

2. Russia

1. United States of America

Power has transferred between civilian and military governments in Pakistan’s federal republic over the years, fostering an environment of instability and corruption that has stunted the nation’s growth and development. Pakistan is seventh-most populous country and it is also one of the youngest in the world, with the majority of citizens under age 22.

In 2015 China invested more than $ 50 billion in Pakistan through CPEC which will boost Pakistan’s economy as well as it will create thousands of jobs across the country. CPEC is the road and rail network which connects Gwadar port with China and China will use this route for international trade and oil import.

Pakistan stock exchange also performed well and beat all the major markets in the regions.

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