List Of Made in Pakistan Products

Many people don’t know which product is Pakistani and which is not. So, here we are sharing the list of made in Pakistan products for the people to help them if they want to buy Made in Pakistan product to ease the pressure on Pakistani currency.

There are many Pakistani products which are exceptionally good and are available in international markets like Masalas, Pickles, Sports Goods, Garments and Beddings.

List Of Made in Pakistan Products

Here is the comprehensive list of made in Pakistan products starting from bikes to the daily household items and eatables.

List Of Made in Pakistan Products

President Dr. Arif Alvi on Sunday has urged the nation to buy Pakistani made products due to pressure on Pakistani rupee.

He said: ”

Considering pressure on Pak rupee,I urge Pakistanis to buy ‘Made in Pakistan’. In this time of crisis we must try to avoid luxury goods & avoidable imported purchases. If you put your mind to it there is a long list of daily use imported products. This is what we must do together

Made in Pakistan Tea Brands

There are many Made in Pakistan Tea Brands available in Pakistan. The quality of these brands is not less than International brands. Here is the list:

  • Tapal Tea
  • Vital Tea
  • Qamar Tea
  • Meezan Tea

Made in Pakistan Bikes

The list of Made in Pakistan bikes is quite long. Pakistani bikes are also cheaper as compared to Japanese brands. Find the list of Pakistani bikes below:

  • United
  • Power
  • Super Power
  • Ravi
  • Road Prince
  • Unique
  • Crown
  • Eagle
  • Ghani
  • Hero
  • Hi-Speed
  • Metro
  • Pak Hero
  • Sohrab
  • Super Asia
  • Star
  • Supreme
  • Treet
  • Honda Atlas (A joint venture of Atlas Group and Honda Co. Japan)

Made in Pakistan TVs

There are many Made in Pakistan TV brands available in Pakistan which are listed below:

  • Orient
  • PEL
  • Orange

Made in Pakistan Refrigerators

There are many Made in Pakistan Refrigerators brands available in Pakistan which are listed below:

  • PEL Refrigerators
  • Orient Refrigerators
  • Waves Singer Pakistan

Made in Pakistan Soaps

There are many Made in Pakistan soaps available in Pakistan which are listed below:

  • Capri
  • Tibet
  • Vital
  • Sufi
  • Hoor
  • Care

Made in Pakistan Hand Wash Brands

These are Made in Pakistan hand was brands:

  • Capri
  • Necos

Made in Pakistan Hair Oils

Following are Made in Pakistan Sanitary Hair Oils.

  • Bio Amla
  • Hamdard
  • Hemani
  • Saeed Ghani

Made in Pakistan Sanitary Pads

Following are Made in Pakistan Sanitary Pads brands:

  • Trust
  • Butterfly
  • Spot-free

Made in Pakistan Baby Diapers

Following are Made in Pakistan Baby Diapers.

  • Leo
  • Bonapapa

Made in Pakistan Baby Products

Following are Made in Pakistan Baby Products like baby shampoo, lotion, soap, and powder.

  • Mom & Me

Made in Pakistan Shaving Razors

Following are Made in Pakistan Shaving Razors.

  • Treet

Made in Pakistan Clothing Brands

Following are Made in Pakistan Clothing Brands.

  • Khaadi
  • Warda
  • Nishat Linen
  • Gul Ahmed

Made in Pakistan Pasta Brands

Following are Made in Pakistan Pasta brands:

  • Kolson
  • Bake Parlor

Made in Pakistan Cold Drinks

There are many Made in Pakistan cold drinks available in Pakistan which are listed below:

  • Gourmet
  • Pakola
  • Cola Next

Made in Pakistan Toothpastes

There are many Made in Pakistan toothpaste available in Pakistan which is listed below:

  • Medicam
  • English
  • Forhan’s
  • Revand
  • Dentonic

Made in Pakistan Milk and Milk Products

There are many Made in Pakistan milk and milk products available in Pakistan which are listed below:

  • Prema
  • Haleeb
  • Good Milk
  • Adams Milk Products
  • Nurpur
  • Millac
  • Dayfresh
  • Anhar
  • Olper’s (FrieslandCampina International of Holland has bought 51% shares of Engro Foods, 49 % are held by Engro Corporation)

Made in Pakistan Cooking Oils

  • Dalda Oils
  • Seasons Oil
  • Sufi
  • Sultan
  • Canolive
  • Olivola
  • Meezan
  • Kisan

*Most of the oils available in the market are made in Pakistan.

Made in Pakistan Chocolates

There are many Made in Pakistan chocolates available in Pakistan which are listed below:

Following chocolates are made by Candyland (Ismail Industries Limited) in Pakistan.

  • Novella
  • Crown
  • Now
  • Sonnet
  • Mello

Following chocolates are made by Giggly (Volka Food International) in Pakistan.

  • Silk
  • Opus

Made in Pakistan Chocolate Spreads

Following are Made in Pakistan Chocolate Spread (Nutella Alternative in Pakistan).

  • Young’s

Made in Pakistan Chips

  • Oye Hoye
  • Knock Out

Made in Pakistan Mobile Phone Brands

There are many Made in Pakistan mobile phone brands available in Pakistan which are listed below:

  • QMobile
  • Rivo Mobile
  • Club Mobile

Made in Pakistan Cars

There are many Made in Pakistan cars available in Pakistan which is listed below:

  • United Bravo
  • Prince Pearl REX7
  • Suzuki Mehran
  • Suzuki Alto

Note: These cars are assembled in Pakistan and parts are imported.

Made in Pakistan Shaving Products

There are many Made in Pakistan shaving products available in Pakistan which is listed below:

  • Treet Corporation
  • Tibet Shaving Cream

Made in Pakistan Cosmetics Products

There are many good cosmetics companies available in Pakistan. These products are not less than any international brand.

  • Samsol Cosmetics
  • Tibet Cosmetics
  • Olivia Cosmetics
  • Nisa Cosmetics
  • Parley Cosmetics
  • Medora Cosmetics
  • Forvil Cosmetics
  • Care Cosmetics
  • Golden Pearl Cosmetics
  • Bio Amla
  • English
  • Poonia Brothers (Faiza Beauty Cream)
  • Saeed Ghani Cosmetics
  • Skin White
  • Forhan’s Cosmetics

Made in Pakistan Makeup Products

These makeup products are made in Pakistan.

  • Medora
  • Swiss Miss
  • Nabeela
  • Mussarat Misbah
  • Sweet Touch
  • Luscious
  • Odho
  • J. Makeup

Made in Pakistan Juices And Squashes

  • Shezan
  • Mitchell’s
  • Refresh, Anytime by Shakarganj
  • Fruiti-O by Shangrilla Pvt Limited
  • Fruitien
  • Maza by Popular Groups of Industries

Made in Pakistan Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Jams, And Marmalades

  • Mitchell’s
  • National
  • Young’s
  • English
  • Shezan

Made in Pakistan Biscuits

  • English Biscuits
  • Bisconni
  • Mayfair
  • Whistlez

Made in Pakistan Noodles

  • Shan Shoop Noodles

Made in Pakistan Paint Brands

  • Brighto Paints
  • Master Paints
  • Happilac Paints
  • Nelson Paints

Made in Pakistan Honey

  • Al Asal
  • Hashmi
  • Young’s

Made in Pakistan Shampoos

  • Bio Amla
  • English
  • Saeed Ghani
  • Necos
  • Hemani

Made in Pakistan Surf Brands

  • Sufi Super
  • Gai Power Wash

Made in Pakistan Powdered Drinks And Syrups

  • Rooh Afza
  • Jam-e-Shirin
  • Sun Dip
  • Limopani
  • Mitchells
  • National
  • Shezan
  • Quice
  • Hamdard

Made in Pakistan Shoes Brands

  • Servis
  • Stylo

Made in Pakistan Tyres

  • Servis
  • Panther
  • General Tyres

Pakistani Oil And Fuel Companies

  • PSO
  • GO
  • ASKAR 1

List of Pakistani Food Chains

  • Howdy
  • Simply Sufi Xprs
  • Burger Lab

We have compiled the list with extra care. If you find anything wrong do let us know below in comments.


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  1. Thanks.. Kindly mention if there is any bar code to confirm if that product belongs to Pakistani company.

    JazaakAllah khair

  2. Buying a Pakistani brand does not always mean no pressure on import bill. Some products ate imported and then marketed in Pakistan by local companies.
    Pak brand motorcycles are actually Chinese components but assembled locally.
    Similarly, tea is imported and then marketed inder local brand names. And tea consumption is definitely one thing we can all strive to cut back.
    Please recheck the list of mobile phones. These are probably not even assembled in Pakistan, just packaged here.

    • As compared to the finished product, the import bill of raw material is less. Our own businessmen earn revenue when they import raw material and then make the finished product.

  3. These cars are assembled in pakistan. Parts are imported. Further tea is also imported by these Brands as well as pakistan produce a very little amount of tea and its the biggest consumer og it.

    • As compared to the CBU, the import bill of parts is less. Our own businessmen earn revenue when they import parts and assemble cars in Pakistan. Also, jobs are created in assembling industry.

    • Thanks for the info. We removed Dawlance. And mobiles are no doubted coming from China but still a major part of the revenue is staying in Pakistan as compared to other mobile brands.

  4. I think skin white products for example skin white soap and creams are also made in pajamas plus saved ghani products which includes shampoo soap lotion etc.and also Halloween milk and fresh cream.

  5. Honda motorcycle manufactured by ATLAS Honda is made in Pakistan about 96 percent parts is local made. Atlas Honda is Joint Venture between ATLAS Group and Honda Motor Co. Japan

    • Marhaba honey and other products are also made in Pakistan I think.
      Also please let us know about Pakistani brands for baby products like powdered milk, diapers, feeders, lotion, shampoo, powder, soap etc

  6. The list apparently seems helpful but it contains very less items n brands and there are enlisted mostly the brands producing at large industrial scale, plz count the smaller ones too bcz the smaller ones tend to maintain the product quality more then these large industries and can prove to be a good substitute for a lot many every day use products and will also enlarge the pool for local options.
    Plz mention pakistani made bathroom products other than toothpaste and soaps too… Like shampoos, conditioners, handwashes, tissues, chewing gums (sugarfree chewing gums if any), cereals, snacks, dry milk, substitutes for tang, there are many other brands beside dalda like tulo, sultan etc, there are many brands for cosmetics n hygiene that are made in Pakistan and are sold through fb insta pages, all these small things that I mentioned above are bought in very large quantities every single day in the form of imported goods, why not replace them with local brands as well.
    More over, Q mobiles are assembled in pakistan, they are not solely created by pakistan. These complicated goods are generally not produced by Pakistan and we rarely have substitutes for them n if we do have, their quality is not promising. There is a whole list of items that are not produced on big industrial scales but they are good substitutes of imported goods, plz try to mention their name in the list as well bcz most people don’t even know about them so they are unable to find quality substitutes for everday use products.
    Plus i really appreciate your efforts towards this serious issue and hope for a more better n larger list of substitutes that will be a lot of help.

  7. Hi
    It would be great if you can also put a new category of Rehabilitation Products and manufacturers.
    Like Adam Motors Company and EyeAutomate both are manufacturing the first of its own types electric wheelchairs, stretchers, patient beds motorized and non-motorized, walking sticks and manual wheelchairs etc.

  8. Dear pakTastic really great work by you you have done true patriotic job. your work is highly appreciable . Please connect your work with social media like Facebook etc Allah pak Apko iske jaza day .

    • Thanks a lot for your appreciation. It means a lot to us. We have sharing buttons for social media. You can also share by clicking on the share button.

  9. Nice Work..i was trying to search products because some friends of mine are asking for pakistani products. This site helped alot. Thanks

  10. Please add servise group i.e servise tyres , tubes and shoes. Group based in gujrat pakistsn

  11. Sir what are your standards to keep a brand in local category or imp category. As suzuki is imported suzuki alto is manufactured by pakistan but it’s parent company is Suzuki which is imported company. So what do you think, is it local products or imported?

  12. Please remove SHEZAN nad CANOLIVE from the list as they are Qadiani Brands, and you can add ARENA GOLD, GOLDEN PEARL, ARCHE GOLD, HEMANI, S.A.C, HERBION in cosmetics section and HAMDARD in Toothpaste Section and HERBION and SAEED GHANI in Shampoo Section. Thank you.

  13. I appreciate the list that you have compiled so far of made in Pakistan brands. As this also helps us to support made in Pakistan brands outside of Pakistan. Unfortunately in the UK there are very few made in Pakistan brands. Could you please recommend gram flour, rice that is made in Pakistan and sold in the UK.
    The only rice i know off is habib and white pearl
    I would very much like to support our Pakistan brands and would appreciate a similar list if possible. Thank you for the hard work

  14. Gentleman I appreciate ur work , may ALLAH reward u beyond of ur imagination. We all Pakistanis 🇵🇰 can built strong economy by using made in PAKISTAN Products .
    U mentioned almost all the products , but if u plz make a complete list of daily routine,s use products in order for ease of a common man e.g
    Toothpaste :
    Shaving gel :
    Hair tonic /oil :
    Shaving razor :
    Deodorant / perfume :
    Suits clothing : 🇵🇰 brand
    Transport : (car/MC / cycle)
    Foot wear :
    Under garments :
    Petroleum :
    Bank :
    Cooking oil:
    Utensils :
    Kitchen items :
    Toilets Items:
    If u do this , Ur work will be highly appreciated 👍🏻👍🏻 JAZAKALLAH

    • Most of the products you mentioned are already added to the list, we are still working on the list and will add more products items as soon as possible. Thanks for the appreciation.

  15. I have some ideas about products which are made in Pakistan(bhadur industry made product for Pakistan it means,It’s products made in Pakistan) you have to need to research about it contain many products like as Pens,Colours,Geometry boxes etc.

  16. Goodday, please can i get the contact of companies in pakistan that produces make up products?
    I need to be buying from them.
    Looking forward to reply.

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