M.Phil Allowance MS Allowance @Rs.2500/- per Month

HEC issued the Notice for the Grant of M.Phil Allowance @ Rs. 2500 Per Month for Govt employees. Higher Education Commission Islamabad Notice Dated May 23, 2017 for M.Phil Degree ( With Thesis, by Course work, equivalent degree of other discipline like Engineering, Agriculture, LAW, MBA).

Under the Provision of Section 10 clause 1 (o) of HEC`s Ordinance No. I,III, dated 11.09.2002, the Quality Assurance Division of HEC has devised the Admission and Award of Degree Criteria for MS/M.Phil/PhD/Equivalent Programs. As per HEC approved criteria (enclosed), there is no difference between MS and M.Phil degrees except nomenclature. As such, there are two types of MS//M.Phil Degrees that are mentioned below.

MS/M.Phil by Course Work (30 credit hours).

MS/M.Phil by Thesis (24 credit hours course work + 06 credit hours thesis)

It is further added that in some cases, nomenclature was changed from M.Phil to after the introduction of BS and MS programs by HEC. As such following types of degrees are awarded are awarded as equivalent to 18 years of schooling.

So it is now cleared that all students who has completed 18 years of education no matter it is called M.Phill or MS and no matter with or without thesis, they all are eligible for the M.Phil Allowance / MS Allowance.

Here is the original notification issued by HEC.

M.Phil Allowance 2017

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