All You Need To Know About Bulbulay Drama And How To Watch It

Bulbulay is one of the most popular family sitcoms about an unconventional Pakistani family. This is one of the funniest sitcoms in Pakistan and people of all ages enjoyed watching it. Bulbulay drama is directed by Rana Rizwan, written by Ali Imran and Saba Hassan, and produced by Nabeel.

Famous Pakistani actor Nabeel started his own production house, MIF Productions, which immediately made a name for itself through the release of Bulbulay in 2009. Nabeel also played the lead character of the show. The show became so much popular after the introduction of Hina Dilpazeer, who plays Mumtaz (Momo).

Bulbulay got the highest-ever rating of a Pakistani comedy series, with a rating of 8.0 TRPs which is more than any other Pakistani comedy-drama.

Bulbulay Drama Cast

Here is the main cast of Bulbulay drama.

  • Nabeel as Nabeel
  • Ayesha Omar as Khoobsurat (Nabeel’s wife)
  • Mehmood Aslam as Mehmood Sahab
  • Hina Dilpazeer as Mumtaz (Momo) (Mehmood Sahab’s wife)
  • Fatima Nabeel as Chandi (Nabeel and Khoobsurat’s daughter)
  • Nyle Rizwan as Sona (Mehmood and Mumtaz’s son)

Following is the recurring cast of Bulbulay drama.

  • Tariq Butt as Butt Sahab (2009–2017)
  • Khawaja Akmal as Siddiqui (Khoobsurat’s father) (2009–2017)
  • Benita David as Baytab (2012–2015)
  • Shahid Khawaja as Dr. Shahid612 (2013–2017)
  • Shehraz Hassan as Moti (kidnapper) (2010–2015)
  • Ayaz Khan as Sher Khan (Mehmood’s friend) (2012–2017)
  • Faizan Shahzad Khan as Faizi Sun (2010-2015)

Bulbulay drama episodes by year

Total 455 episodes were released in season 1 of Bulbulay.

Season 1

2009: Episodes 1-11
2010: Episodes 12-60
2011: Episodes 61-118
2012: Episodes 119-190
2013: Episodes 191-275
2014: Episodes 276-330
2015: Episodes 331-379
2016: Episodes 380-433
2017: Episodes 434-455

Season 2

Bulbulay season 2 started and the first episode was aired on June 3, 2019.

2019: Episodes 1-

How To Watch Bulbulay Drama Episodes

As Bulbulay season 1 aired on ARY Digital channel, you can watch all the episodes of this comedy show on official YouTube channel of ARY Digital. Season 2 of the show is also airing on ARY Digital so you can watch season 2 on ARY Digital as well.

Bulbulay Episodes 1-450 Playlist

This is the playlist of Bulbulay episodes and you can watch them simultaneously.


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