Pakistan Skyline: Bahria Icon Tower Karachi

Pakistan is now developing at a faster pace than ever. There are many factors which are causing the boom in Pakistan’s economy, like peace, political stability and CPECPakistan Skyline is also rising as with fastest ever pace. Bahria Icon Tower is considered as the first true skyscraper of Pakistan.

Bahria Icon, the megastructure is developed by Bahria Town which is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The complex includes 62-storey and 40-storey mixed-used buildings. The 62-storey Bahria Icon is currently the tallest building in Pakistan.

Bahria Icon complex is based on a 4-acre plot in the upscale Clifton area. Bahria Town is the developer of Bahria Icon Tower.

The estimated cost of Bahria Icon Tower is 162.5 Million USD. Site cleaning and preparation was started in 2008 but the main tower started rising in 2012. In early 2018, Bahria Icon Tower reached its maximum height and cladding and finishing work is in progress.

The height of Bahria Icon Tower is 272 metres on the roof and 300 metres on the tip. Bahria Icon became the tallest building of Pakistan in 2014 surpassing the height of Ocean tower which was the tallest building in Pakistan from 2012-2014.

There was a time when HBL tower was the tallest building in Asia. It remains the tallest tower in Asia from 1963 to 1968. And then it all stopped for almost 40 years. And now we are again seeing the high rise buildings in Pakistan skyline like Dolmen City Twin Towers Karachi, Ocean Tower, Bakht Tower, Centaurus Towers and many more.

Bahria Icon Tower Karachi Photos

This is how Bahria Icon complex and both towers will look like after its completion.

Bahria Icon Tower

Bahria Icon Tower At Night

Bahria Icon Tower Latest Pics 2018

Below are the latest pics of Bahria Icon Tower Karachi. The twin towers of Bahria complex are still under construction and are becoming more and more beautiful.

Bahria Icon Tower Karachi

Bahria Icon Tower Karachi

Bahria Icon Tower Karachi

Bahria Icon Tower Karachi

Bahria Icon Tower Karachi

Bahria Icon Tower Karachi


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